Egg Roll Is a Delicious Snack Made Of Milk Vanilla And Eggs

Egg Roll is a delicious snack made of milk, vanilla and eggs. Soft in the mouth and highly nutritious. Did you know that egg roll snacks have existed since ancient times? This snack can also be processed in a simple way. But for homemade snacks, this snack is soft and not hard. But now snack companies have produced it so it can taste crunchy like wafers. Because these companies use machines to process them. Egg Roll is very popular in Asian countries. especially in Indonesia

Egg rolls are oval and round in shape. More or less like a white round stick with a delicious vanilla milk flavor with a slight egg smell. There is a hole in the middle. And shaped like a circular paper roll. In Indonesia, Egg Roll is popular for serving guests.

Egg rolls made from milk and eggs. There is a little vanilla cream mixed into a dough with water and sugar. Stir until thick liquid with a large dough machine. After that, it is poured into a large stick-making machine. Until a beautiful white egg roll is formed.

Egg Roll in Indonesia has been produced by several large companies. Like PT. Siantar Top Tbk, PT. Garuda Food, and PT. Indofood. The nutritional content of egg rolls is very complete. Carbohydrates, Protein, Calcium, Sodium, Fat Calories and Sodium are some of what is contained in the Egg Roll content.

With these ingredients, Snack Egg Roll can make you feel full and stronger to do your daily activities. High nutrition also keeps you healthy and keeps you fit. To get it, snackers friends can buy it at supermarkets and mini markets in several locations and big cities in Indonesia.

Generally, this snack is served during religious holidays. It is also very suitable for souvenirs by loved ones. Its crispiness and softness in the mouth make this snack suitable for all ages. From children to parents. Egg roll is a delicious snack that you must have in your home