Making delicious simple fried chili sauce

Making delicious simple fried chili sauce

Making delicious simple fried chili sauce is one of the dreams of many mothers at home. If you like spicy then fried chili sauce is the right choice to be served with other menus such as fried sausages, fried chicken or fish.

Making delicious fried chili sauce is very easy. You only need to prepare the ingredients as follows:

  • Cayenne pepper 5 pcs
  • Red chilies 3 pcs
  • Red onions 3 pcs
  • Garlic 1 pcs
  • Tomatoes 1 pcs
  • Salt and sugar cooking oil

The tools that need to be prepared are as follows :

  • A frying pan
  • A container for washing
  • A blender

How to process it as follows :

  • Wash the ingredients with water
  • Cut the tomato into two pieces
  • Cut the red chili into small pieces and take the stalk from the cayenne pepper
  • Peel off the skin – the skin shallots and garlic heat the oil in a skillet using the stove over low heat
  • After the oil is hot, pour the ingredients into the heated oil
  • Fry the ingredients until half cooked. Don’t overcook because the chili sauce can become bitter
  • Then drain and put the fried results in a blender
  • Pour half a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of sugar
  • Then blend until smooth, then drain and taraaa…

His with a variety of your favorite side dishes. Can also be mixed with your favorite snacks such as french fries, fried mushrooms, and others. Get here first and follow our other recipes. Good luck happy greetings.

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