Routes And Tips When Visiting Mount Bromo With Evidence Of Teletubbies

Routes And Tips When Visiting Mount Bromo With Evidence Of Teletubbies

I want to present some tips and tricks, if you want to have a vacation to Mount Bromo, I will present it based on my experience. The first tip is that before you travel to Bromo, you must determine the route and access to Bromo.

So as I know access to Bromo there are several roads, the first is from Surabaya. it goes to the Probolinggo toll gate. From Probolinggo I passed Wonokitri. Then the second route is from Surabaya to exit the Tongas toll road. Then the third, we can pass through Malang. We can exit the Purwodadi toll gate.

Then we go to Nongkojajar. And maybe if you want a good route or scenery. Then you have to pass through the Purwodadi toll gate. When I headed to Bromo via Nongkojajar, the scenery was really very, very good. but don’t pass if it’s night because the path becomes dark more dangerous and extreme.

If you use a private car, I suggest going through Probolinggo. Because if you go through Malang, you have to rent an inn in Bromo and the inns are close to the Bromo Sands, so cars are not allowed to enter. You can have jeeps around Bromo and motorbikes, the important thing is that if you pass through the sea of ​​​​sand, you want to stay near the entrance to Bromo, you can go through Wonokitri, as I mentioned earlier.

But I only want to travel to Bromo to climb 1, I suggest going through Malang, because if you pass Malang, you can go via Nongkojajar and you can go via Gubugklakah, we can go straight to climb 1 without going through the desert. Because if for example we want to go there, there will be a T-junction or towards Ranupane it will be very far.

The second tip if you want to go to Bromo is recommended during the dry season. Because the rainy season usually the grass that existed before it has started to grow. If for example cloudy fog and rain then your trip will also be disrupted. because of the slippery tourist sites. When visiting in the dry season we can still enjoy nice hilly grass like on Teletubbies Hill. The third tip from me is try or choose outside the holidays.

Because during holidays the atmosphere will be very crowded and crowded. You will not be able to enjoy the view comfortably. Fourth, if you go to Bromo, make sure you can enjoy the sunrise. because it is the most beautiful destination that tourists are waiting for.

So make sure you leave in the afternoon or evening. so until your location you don’t miss seeing the beautiful sunrise on Mount Bromo. The fifth tip is that you have to wear thick clothes, gloves and glasses. Because you will be hit by the cold temperature of Bromo to close to 10⁰ C. And also don’t forget to wear glasses because the flying dust really disturbs your eyesight.

In Bromo you can rent a Jeep or horse that you can rent at places that rent jeeps and horses. You can go around by Jeep and horse and enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo tourism. You can also see the Bromo crater which is so big and terrible. Don’t get too close because you can fall in it. but there is a limit. which prohibits us from crossing the barrier for the safety of tourists. Okay, up here.

If you want to go to Bromo Indonesia, make sure you have enough money. Because there are also many foreign tourists who run out of money in Indonesia, they are confused about how to go home. So sorry.

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